Pin on the map of Florida showing the location of Destin

Beach Renourishment Almost Complete on Holiday Isle

Yesterday the dredger was pumping sand in front of Holiday Surf and Racqet and their schedule is to be complete with the dredging tomorrow. There will be a few days of tidy up work with small movements of sand and removal of equipment.

The sand looks great. The dunes are level with the sea walls and extend 30 feet. Below are three pictures. You can tell from the one looking west toward Destin Point how good things look. That area has been leveled and the beach is open to use. I measured, by walking, from the corner of the Jetty East building (the southern most point) to the water and counted approximately 170 feet. Since this is the most southerly point, most of the other properties should have at least that much beach. Some of this beach will naturally erode as it stabilizes but I think when you see it you will be proud.

The association managers are now starting to work on sand fences and sea oats and other protective measures to protect the dunes.

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Published by Tracy Louthain
Wednesday, September 22, 2010