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Dewey Destin Seafood- A Local Landmark

We love Dewey Destin Seafood's history, outdoor seating and fresh Gulf Shrimp! Did you know that Dewey is the great, great, grandson of Leonard Destin, who founded the town in 1835?

The adventure began a few years earlier when Leonard, his father George, and his brother William set out from  New London, Connecticut with three ships and ran into a hurricane near Cape Canaveral, Florida. They were  determined to find the excellent fishing that was rumored to be found off the coast of Florida. Their search led  them to what is today, Destin, Florida. In 1845, Leonard Destin met and married Martha McCullom from South Carolina and built a lovely home for a growing family (It was located 100 yards to the north of the current  restaurant).

oday, the Destin family, using original Destin and Gulf Coast recipes, are proud to serve seafood and other  favorite area side dishes to local friends and out-of-town guests. Dewey makes it a practice not to use food  warming lamps, which he feels diminishes the quality and tenderness of the fish. With the freshest seafood and rich family history, we're proud to patronize this local landmark.  

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Published by Tracy Louthain
Tuesday, November 29, 2011