Pin on the map of Florida showing the location of Destin

Destin's Perfect Sunset Cocktail

Oh, how we love summer! Long lazy days at the beach, reading an enthralling new book, playing in the surf, building a sand castle, relaxing walks on the beach, and sending your worries out to sea. One of our favorite parts of a day at the beach is sunset. And Destin sunsets are amazing! Set up your chair with a refreshing cocktail in hand and watch the show! Like an artist's canvas the sky comes alive with vivid brush strokes of orange, pink and red as the sun dips in the gulf. 

The question is, what is the best sunset cocktail? At Newman-Dailey, we have a special recipe for a Destin Strawberry Mojito that is delicious. It's light and refreshing and a great cocktail after a day of fun, sun and sand. Click our Destin Mojito recipe link to get the ingredients and watch our video for making this perfect sunset cocktail. 

Enjoy the sunset!

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Published by Tracy Louthain
Friday, July 12, 2013