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Shark Week in Destin

It's that time of year when Discovery Channel launches its annual Shark Week series, inciting knowledge and respect for this often misunderstood marine species. While we're fascinated by sharks, we don't necessarily want to encounter them while we're frolicking in the surf so we've gathered lots of facts about sharks in Destin to help educate visitors to the area and keep them knowledgeable and safe.


There are many different shark species living in Gulf of Mexico. Some are harmless such as the nurse shark, however, some are more dangerous such as the bull shark.  In fact, there are 3 species most often responsible for unprovoked shark attacks on humans: white, tiger, and bull sharks. These three species are dangerous largely because of their size and tremendous bite power. highlights these 3 shark species and tips on how to prevent an encounter.   


While shark attacks in the Destin area are extremely rare, it's important to be aware of your surroundings anytime you enter the Gulf of Mexico. Swimmers should stay within the first sandbar, swim in groups, avoid swimming at dusk and dawn and remove shiny jewelry. Local websites including have also shared insightful tips and important facts about sharks.

To learn more about sharks and shark attacks around the world, the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) is the world's only scientifically documented, comprehensive database of all known shark attacks. The number of shark attacks in any given region is directly impacted by the number of people entering the water. In Florida, increases in beach attendance and shark attacks have mirrored each other. Fortunately, public awareness and education has helped reduce the number of fatal shark attacks. 


In addition to other species of sharks, whale sharks have also been spotted in Destin waters in recent years. These majestic and docile creatures are not harmful to humans and researchers are investigating what may have brought them to the Destin area. 

To view sharks safely in Destin, visit the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park , which features live sharks including six Bonnethead Sharks in the Stingray Bay habitat as well as beautiful resident Nurse Sharks. Visitors to the Gulfarium during shark week also enjoy shark-themed activities, including shark feedings, shark crafts, and a shark-themed park-wide scavenger hunt. To learn more, visit or call 850-243-9046.

Sharks can also be spotted from the balcony of your Gulf-front Destin vacation rental. Plan your visit to Destin by viewing our Gulf-front Destin vacation rentals, which offer spectacular views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. These rentals are ideal for viewing marine life, watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee or toasting sunset. Need recommendations? Call one of our friendly, local vacation specialists at 1-800-225-7652 to help narrow your search and provide local recommendations and tips for staying safe on your next Destin vacation. For more beach safety tips, view our Ways to Stay Safe at the Beach page

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013