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Ahoy Matey! Billy Bowlegs Festival, June 5-7

What grades does a pirate make in school? High Cs, of course. ‘Tis the weekend to bring out all our corny pirate jokes, because our friends in Fort Walton Beach are hosting the annual Billy Bowlegs Festival! 
Landlubers and swashbucklers of all ages will enjoy this family-friendly event. Here’s the schedule of events:  
Thursday, June 5 - Torchlight Parade and Festival
Friday, June 6 – 2014 Billy Bowlegs Festival and Fireworks 
Saturday, June 7 – 2014 Billy Bowlegs Festival 
To learn more, visit
You can also view the full schedule in the Northwest Florida Daily News ( Reporter Lauren Delgado provides tips on channeling your inner pirate as well as definitions for pirate speak. Here’s a few quick translations from her story:  
Avast: to stop or cease
Aye: yes (agree)
Huzzah: a celebratory expression (can use instead of Argh!)
Landlubber: someone who isn’t a sailor (used as an insult)
Scallywag: not a hard worker (a bum)
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Don’t spend your time swabbin’ the deck Matey, head over to The Landing in Fort Walton Beach (139 Brooks St. SE) for jolly good time!  
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Published by Tracy Louthain
Thursday, June 5, 2014