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Destin Family Beach Traditions

Our guests have been staying with us 10, 20, even 30 years in some cases, and we enjoy hearing about their family traditions that began at the beach. Now many return to the beach with kids and grandkids, and keep their traditions alive. Of our extended family of guests, some enjoy staying in the same Destin vacation rental annually, while others like to try different rental homes and condos, providing a different experience year after year. Whether your family enjoys consistency or craves the thrill of a new experience, we think you’ll appreciate some of these special family beach traditions. All of which are a great reminder to not let summer slip away without a beach vacation (or two).


Build a Beach Sandcastle. 

We’ve had several families tell us that their kids love coming to Destin to make their annual sandcastle. They talk about it the entire drive to the beach and talk about new features, themes and what they want their work of art to look like this year. For families who want a real work of art, contact Beach Sand Sculptures to schedule a sandcastle building class and up your game!

Seashell Frame Vacation Photos

Collect Shells And Beach Finds

Some families love finding treasures on the beach, but what really impressed us was when we learned they went home and made crafts with their beach finds. From jewelry to picture frames, it is an annual tradition to make special mementos from their beach vacations. 

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Sunset Photo Shoot.

A sunset photo is a common tradition. Whether dressing the family in white shirts and khakis or adopting a theme of your own, the family sunset photo is always a treasured gem. It is especially fun to frame a series of photos and show how fast the kids grow. If you're looking for a professional photographer, several local photographers offer discounts for Newman-Dailey guests as part of our Be Free Bundle


Cook A Family Recipe.

A popular family tradition on vacation is to cook the family recipe. Since beach rental homes have a fully equipped kitchen and many generations are often staying under one roof, it is the perfect time to pass on family recipes. Everyone gathers in the kitchen to cook family recipes ranging from homemade noodles to handmade pies, it is a timeless tradition that keeps on giving. 

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Eat at [insert your favorite Destin restaurant] 

With many long-standing Destin restaurants serving fresh, local seafood and several resturants considered institutions, such as Donut Hole, there is always one local restaurant that each visiting family makes an extra effort to visit during their Destin vacation. 

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Ready To Enjoy Your Family Tradition or Create A New One? 

Don’t let summer slip away without enjoying your favorite traditions. View Newman-Dailey’s premier Destin vacation rentals online or call one of our friendly vacation specialists at 1-800-225-7652 to help narrow your search for the perfect vacation rental for your timeless traditions. 

See you @ the beach!