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Best Sandcastle Builder in Destin

Looking for a fun activity for your next Destin vacation? Consider a sandcastle building lesson by Beach Sand Sculptures. They have been a Newman-Dailey partner for many years and have hosted our staff and many of our guests for a two hour sand sculpture lesson that is fun and rewarding. Beach Sand Sculptures Founder Rick Mungeam tells us the number one question he hears from beachgoers is “How did you do that?” so he offers classes to show you exactly how he creates his castles in the sand.  

We recently visited him on the beach during a sandcastle building lesson and here’s a few things we learned: 

Water is key – Rick tells us that just when you think you have enough water, get more. He also shared that the size of the grain of the sand is important too. The white, powdery sand located higher on the beach is an ideal sand because the large granules can absorb more water. 

A strong foundation – Next we learned that having strong base is important. Rick starts with a bottomless bucket and begins to add sand then water, and repeats until the bucket is full. The he taps the outside of the bucket and gently lifts. And just like magic, you have a sand tower to begin carving your palace in the sand. 

Proper tools – Like any project, having the right tools makes all the difference. We learned that in sandcastle carving tools look like items you may find in your home. A ruler, a melon scoop, and a straw are some of the household items that look similar to Rick’s tools. Guests of Newman-Dailey may purchase their sandcastle tool kit for half price with any Beach Sand Sculpture lesson. 

We enjoyed watching Rick demonstrate how to make an exterior staircase, windows, bridges and even how to give your castle an authentic stone-looking façade. To learn more or book your sandcastle lesson, visit Ranked the #1 “lesson in Destin”, the Beach Sand Sculptures team is ready to help you create your dream castle at the beach. 

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See you @ the beach!

*Be sure to share and tag us in our sandcastle photos. We would love to see your work of art!

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Published by Tracy Louthain
Monday, October 2, 2017