Pin on the map of Florida showing the location of Destin

Legendary Destin Landmarks

While we know Florida's Emerald Coast is renowned for its white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise water, there are some legendary Destin landmarks that are iconic to our coastal town. We've compiled a list of these “must see”, photo-worthy places in Destin. And while it may not be possible to experience all of our landmark locations during one visit, this will give you a reason for a return trip or it may inspire you to purchase your own landmark in paradise.  


Crab Island.

Located on the north side of the Destin Bridge, Crab Island isn’t really an island, but it was at one time.  Drifting sands from the Gulf have now created an underwater sandbar with waist high crystal clear water, creating the perfect place to park your boat and spend a relaxing day swimming and playing. The real beauty of Crab Island is the fact that you determine how much or how little you do. There are floating food vendors, serving everything from boiled peanuts to ice cream and sandwiches. For the kids, and the kids at heart, there is a floating inflatable obstacle course. On some days, there is even a floating stage featuring local bands. Crab Island is only accessible by boat.  Don’t have a boat?  No worries, there are plenty of boat rentals available. View our Destin boat rental discounts for Newman-Dailey guests on our Be Free Bundle page under "Cruising."

Destin Landmark  Magnolia Tree 2.JPG

Destin’s Magnificent Magnolia at HarborWalk Village. 

Also known as the Kelly Magnolia, this magnificent tree located in the heart of HarborWalk Village existed long before Destin was an official city. In 2014, arborists assessed the tree to be around 170 years old. In its prime, it was the largest and most prominent tree by the fishing docks. It could be seen from the water and served as a landmark for the fishing fleet. Local lore has it that Destin’s founding father, Captain Leonard Destin tied up his fishing boat to the magnolia during storms. During its lifespan, the tree endured numerous storms and the encroachment of man. But alas, even though it lived about 80 years past its prime, it finally became too weak and lifeless to remain in its natural state. Four cuttings were taken from the tree and are thriving at an Arboretum until large enough to be transplanted. To memorialize the tree, nationally recognized artist and sculptor, Marlin Miller, donated his time and talent to sculpt the tree transforming it into a beautiful work of art at its original location.  

wyland wall

Wyland Wall #88 (aka the Whaling Wall)

There are only 100 giant public murals created by renowned artist Robert Wyland in the world, and Destin has the distinction of being home to #88. It took Wyland 27 years to complete the 100 murals, which grace the sides of skyscrapers, sports arenas, and other large structures. These murals are his gift to the world in hopes that they will inspire generations to become better stewards for our environment.  Located on the side of the Legendary Marina at the base of the Mid-Bay Bridge, the massive marine-themed mural features whales and giant squid. Number 88 is named “Marine Life of the Gulf” and is 1,480 feet long and 60 feet high, making it the largest mural in the world at the time of its completion in 2001. In 2016, Wyland returned to Destin to create an American Flag mural on the roof of Legendary Marina that measures 290 feet long by 152 feet high! The mural can be seen by the many servicemen who fly overhead from Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field during their training exercises.


Your Personal Landmark.

Of course, the best landmark is the one you use to locate your home away from home while you’re at the beach. It’s the sign that you look for to know where to turn or the flag pole that signifies your vacation rental or second home after your daily walk on the beach. Are you looking for the perfect Destin vacation rental for your next beach vacation? View our premier Destin condos and Destin rental homes online or call one of our friendly vacation specialists at 1-800-225-7652 to help narrow your search. Or are you ready to purchase your own piece of paradise? Visit our Destin real esate page to view properties for sale as well as our team of experienced Destin real estate professionals.

See you @ the beach!