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Top 10 Destin Beach Resolutions

Every year we all make New Year resolutions to be better - to eat better, to exercise more and to spend more time with family, etc. This year, we invite our extended family of friends and guests to make a beach resolution for your next Destin vacation.

Here are some ideas for beach resolutions to get you started:

  1. Pick up trash found on the beach (plastic straws, cigarette butts, balloons and pieces of plastic are among the top finds and some of the most harmful objects to endangered sea turtles) 
  2. Read at least one book during your beach vacation (whether you enjoy fiction or there is a self-improvement book on your list, make a commitment to take time to rest, read and expand your mind during your next visit to the beach)
  3. Meditate (Whether it’s three minutes or 20, sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing while the waves lap the shore is a fantastic way to re-center and reset. Sitting on the beach completely unplugged with no phone, no tablet and just the sound of the waves is great for your mental health.)
  4. Wear sunscreen (With an increasing understanding of the damaging effects the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it is critical to not only apply sunscreen before you hit the beach but also reapply throughout the day.)
  5. View the night sky from the beach. (There is something magical about being under the stars on the beach with the waves crashing along the shore. With limited lighting, you can see a million stars on a clear night, and on nights with the full moon, you don’t even need a flashlight. If you use a flashlight on the beach, be sure to use a turtle safe, red cover as to not disorient hatching sea turtles (May- October)
  6. Skip the straw. Micro-plastics are a growing problem in our oceans and are deadly to sea turtles. We invite our guests to take the “skip the straw” challenge and enjoy beverages straight from the cup.)
  7. Leave no Trace. (It is critical to the health and safety of our beaches and to nesting turtles to leave nothing but footprints when you leave the beach. Remove all trash and do not leave tents, chairs or other belongs on the beach at night.)
  8. Leave the beach clean, dark and flat. (In addition to removing trash and personal items, it is also important to fill in holes dug on the beach and turn off beach-front lights and close curtains to help nesting sea turtles and hatchlings make it back to the water safely.)
  9. Support Local Businesses. (One of the best ways to support the community is to buy from local businesses. Whether drinking Grayton Beer or shopping for gifts at the Blue Giraffe or the Zoo Gallery, purchasing locally made products from local businesses is a great way to give back while on vacation.)
  10. Donate food items. (As part of Newman-Dailey’s commitment to community, our team gathers food items for Food for Thought, which provides local students with backpacks of food each Friday to fight hunger on weekends and at night. Each month, Newman-Dailey will highlight a food item that guests can purchase at the local grocery and bring to one of our offices. Or simply bring unopened food items that you didn't use during your stay to Newman-Dailey office, and we'll make sure it gets to a family in need.)

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Published on Thursday, December 26, 2019