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Who is the Expert on Destin Vacation Rentals and Property Management?

The old adage “there is no substitute for experience” rings true in the vacation rental industry. While there are new vacation rental companies launching in Destin each year, the companies that have been in business for decades are the ones that have tried and true experience and have literally and figuratively weathered many storms. At Newman-Dailey Resort Properties, we are celebrating 34 years of warm welcomes in the real estate and vacation rental industry in Destin, Florida. Our team has had the opportunity to survive major catastrophes, develop programs to ensure success, and build relationships with local vendors and contractors.

Here are some things to consider when looking for a local property management expert in Destin: 

Time-tested practices.

Nothing is more constant than the unknown. You never know what a new year will bring. In the 34 years we have been in business, we have survived major storms, an oil spill and an economic downturn. Last year, we had a major hurricane impact our area. As a team, we visited our nearly 300 properties on our rental program securing each owner’s investment. We helped guests evacuate and get out of harm's way. We pulled in furniture and made sure every rental was ready for the impending storm. After we assessed damage, we personally pulled the furniture back out, removed debris and fixed any issues and were up and running quickly for our guests. All while communicating with our owners and guests, before, during and after the storm. In 2010 a major oil spill affected our area causing many guests to lose confidence in booking a beach vacation. During this time, we were able to keep all our team members and initated a video campaign that showed how beautiful our beaches continued to be and keep our guests and owners informed. Our housekeeping division is one of the best in the country and the team uses the nationally recognized 65 point inspection as recommend by the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Association.

Innovative programs

At Newman-Dailey, we continue to grow and learn each and every day. Over the years, we have come up with many programs to make us more efficient and better able to serve our owners and guests. We have adopted technology, including digital locks along with remote climate control for thermostats as well as implemented guest and housekeeping apps that allow us to serve our guests and owners better. Our bed bug program has ensured our owners can sleep well at night knowing we are proactive on making sure these global pests do not cause unnecessary damage as well as moves and discounting that can negatively impact our owners. Our grill program has been wildly successful, ensuring our guests arrive to a beautifully clean grill with a full propane tank. Finally, our linen pool ensures guests never have to sacrifice on quality. We provide high-quality sheets and towels, and uphold the highest standards for cleanliness. In fact, our Housekeeping Manager, Eddie Grey, was awarded the “Housekeeping Executive of the Year” by the Vacation Rental Housekeeping Association (VRHA) in 2018.

Local Relationships.

Lastly, due to our longevity in our area we have built many relationships with local AC companies, pest control businesses, locksmiths, roof repair, maintenance personnel and more. With these connections our vendors are able to prioritize our needs and provide fast, professional service. In addition, in some cases, we are able to negotiate discounted pricing due to our long-standing relationships and pass these cost savings along to our owners and provide timely repairs for our guests.  

There is so much that goes into managing a vacation rental property. When you choose a Destin real estate agent or a property management company, it is advantageous to seek a local expert. We encourage guests and owners to look at more than just the lowest price or management fee. We’ve learned that you get what you pay for and our clients enjoy the value they receive from their partnership and investment in Newman-Dailey. We invite you to see why, Newman-Dailey has a 95% owner satisfaction rating and 98% satisfaction rating for our housekeeping department. Click here to learn more about our Property Management services. 

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Published on Monday, June 10, 2019