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Take a Field Trip to Gator Beach When You School from the Beach in Destin, FL

When your kids school from the beach, there are lots of fantastic edutainment venues that combine learning and fun. One of our favorites is Gator Beach at Fudpucker’s in Destin. This FREE attraction features more than 100 alligators, including hatchlings, juveniles, and the famed, Ms. Pearl, an albino alligator. Here are some of the highlights you’ll enjoy when you take a break from your virtual textbooks and take a field trip to Gator Beach. CLICK HERE to join us for a virtual tour of Gator Beach!

At Gator Beach, students will have many experiences to bring their textbooks to life. They’ll learn about habitats, what alligators eat (diet), conservation, and how you can help the population of alligators in the wild. We've outlined some of the fun, learning experiences that Gator Beach offers below: 

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The FREE Experiences

There are many different opportunities to interact and learn about alligators a Gator Beach. Enjoy one of these free experiences when you learn from the beach. (1) Attend one of the daily shows (times change seasonally) in which a Gator Experience team member will provide lots of fun facts about alligators while they create “in the wild” experiences with alligators in the pond. Click here for showtimes. (2) Attend the daily “Game Show” in which members of the audience are selected to be on a team and compete by answering facts about alligators.  (3) Tour the Discovery Zone downstairs to view the informative exhibits (including life-size alligator nest, alligator habitats, & skull of prehistoric crocodile that lived in Florida—so cool!), see the live hatchlings, and say “hi” to Pearl, the rare albino alligator.

See A Rare Albino Alligator

Gator Beach is home to one of less than 50 albino alligators in the entire world! Ms. Pearl is a true albino alligator, which means that every inch of her body is completely white—even her eyes. Due to the distinct coloring, albino alligators cannot survive in the wild and must be taken care of by humans.

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Feed Live Alligators

Gator Beach sells specially formulated gator food so families can feed the live American Alligators in the main pond. Simply attach the food to one of their custom-crafted cane poles and lower the string down to the pond. The alligators are waiting and will swim up and eat the food right off the pole just like they would in the wild.

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Hold An Alligator

For those who want a hands-on experience, Gator Beach features an enclosed, cold room that keeps alligator ambassadors calm and gives students a chance to hold and pet a live alligator. This package includes personalized experience holding the alligator and a commemorative photograph.


VIP Experience & Behind the Scenes Tour

Take your gator experience to the next level with the VIP Experience. With this package, you’ll go behind the scenes with the Gator Team in an all-access exclusive adventure at Gator Beach, where you’ll help a professionally trained Gator Handler open the park for the day. Participants will learn all about the American Alligator and enjoy a hands-on experience while helping perform some of the most vital and important responsibilities at Gator Beach. Program highlights include opening the park, participating in a private, “behind the scenes” tour, work safely with live alligators, hold a young alligator, feed juvenile and young adult alligators up close in their habitat, and receive a commemorative photograph and Gator Beach personalized name tag.  Participants must be 7 years old or older to participate. Click here for more information and pricing.

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Taste Alligator

Head upstairs for lunch or dinner at Fudpucker’s. The diverse menu includes several alligator menu items including Gator Tail A La Fud (appetizer), Seafood & Alligator Gumbo, and Shrimp and Alligator Grits. Note: The alligator dishes are made with farm-raised alligator--NOT the alligators at Gator Beach. Try one of these delicious dishes and see for yourself if alligator really does taste like chicken.

Gator at Fudpuckers

Why Visit Gator Beach

With more than 1.6 million alligators in the state of Florida, it’s well worth a visit to see 100 alligators in one location at the World’s Greatest Alligator Park. View our Gator Beach Highlight Reel and get a taste of what your next field trip could be when you School from the Beach. Looking for other field trip ideas? Click here to discover other Destin Field Trip ideas and get excited about learning at the beach.

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See you @ the beach!