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Buying and Selling Real Estate in Destin, Florida Virtually

This year, COVID-19 has changed the way clients view, buy, and sell real estate investments in Destin, Florida. In the past professional pictures, drone shots, and video tours were enough to help a buyer decide if they wanted to pursue a beach property further. Now many buyers are getting their first glimpse of beach properties remotely through apps like FaceTime, Whatsapp, and Zoom.

A personalized, guided video call walk-through is a convenient way for buyers to view and ask questions in real-time. The video call walk-through is now accelerating the buying process by allowing clients to safely narrow the list of potential properties faster than ever before. While some buyers still want to walk their top choices in person, others are utilizing the video call walk-through as their sole means of viewing investment properties and completing the purchase without ever stepping foot in the investment property. 

To learn more about real estate investment opportunities in the Destin area, visit Click here to view recent real estate listings in the Destin area. 

This content contributed by Newman-Dailey Real Estate Agent Shannyn Stevenson

Shannyn has worked successfully with thousands of buyers, sellers, and investors over her 20+ years as a Realtor in the Destin and South Walton real estate market. Facing challenges, finding solutions, and opportunities in this market is what she does best. Contact Shannyn Stevenson at (850) 259-1874 or visit Shannyn Stevenson online.


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Published on Monday, October 19, 2020