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Fresh, Local Ingredients for Sunset Beach Cocktails in Destin, Florida

When you slow down long enough to breathe deep and stop rushing to the next appointment or next task, it is easier to make time for the details. One of the ways we love to slow down at the beach is to enjoy sunset happy hour. We are blessed with a wealth of local farmers and fisherman that reward us with the freshest seafood and produce available. As such, we enjoy infusing local ingredients to create the freshest beach cocktails. 

This week, we’re making Rosemary By the Sea cocktail for our Dailey Happy Hour. Here we’re sharing how we make it and some of the local ingredients that we infused. 

Rosemary by the Sea

Rosemary By the Sea Cocktail

This is one of our favorite cocktails to infuses fresh local ingredients including honey and rosemary. The cucumber gives it a refreshingly bright taste and you can use lemon or lime interchangeably. If you're not a fan of rosemary, try basil, lavender, mint or another fresh herb you love. CLICK HERE to view recipe.

Honey Hutch




Local Honey 

This excerpt from Emerald Coast Magazine says it best “In backyards, fields and gardens from Destin to South Walton honeybees are flourishing. Buzzing in and out of hives, colonies are tended by beekeepers harvesting gallons of their honey — unprocessed local gold.” With a variety of local beekeepers tending their boxes, honey has become a way of life for some along Florida’s Emerald Coast. From the Honey Hutch available at Whole Foods and local grocery stores to Mermaid Maggie’s Honey sold at Dewey Destin’s, the Emerald Coast’s beekeepers are sharing their passion and delicious results with the Gulf Coast and beyond. Consider adding local honey to your next recipe.



Rosemary is a popular herb that grows lush in the South Walton and Destin area. The woody perennial evergreen herb is a member of the mint family. Since it is such an attractive plant with a fragrant aroma, many locals use it for their gardens and landscaping. Rosemary Beach was named after the native dune rosemary that grows naturally in this area. To harvest rosemary stems for your next recipe, simply snip them at the base of the stem with sharp gardening shears. 

Jade East 940


Fresh strawberries are a delicious addition to any recipe. Did you know there is a strawberry farm in Milton, Fla. just north of Destin? At Akers Farm, families can pick their own bushel. Located about an hour north of the beach, Akers offers a fun experience where familes pick fresh fruit right off the plants. Check out our Strawberry Mojito Recipe and put your fresh local strawberries to good use.

Start Planning 

Now is a great time to start planning your next creative cocktail and happy hour celebration or to start planning your next trip to the Destin area. It's comforting to have a sunny spot on the claendar and have something to look forward to this summer or fall. To start planning, view our collection of Destin vacation rentals online or call one of our friendly vacation specialists at 1-800-225-7652 to answer questions and assist you with your search. Remember to always book direct with Newman-Dailey for our best rate guarantee. 

See you @ the beach!