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Best Destin Activity For Social Distancing – Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the Gulf of Mexico

Yes, there are a variety of things to do in Destin that allow for social distancing and our top choice is stand up paddleboarding in the Gulf of Mexico. This fun activity allows you to distance yourself from others yet still bring friends and family along to experience an exciting day on the water.  

The Gulf of Mexico is especially fun for Stand Up Paddle Boarding because the water is frequently crystal clear, allowing you to see down into the water to view a variety of marine life. From fish and jellyfish to dolphins and sea turtles, you never know what you may come upon when you paddle off one of the beaches of South Walton or Destin, Florida. Pro tip: To increase your chances of spotting marine life, head to one of the SWARA artificial reefs submerged 250-300 yards off shore.

To help you enjoy your experience more, we’re sharing our top three tips for successful stand up paddle boarding in the Gulf of Mexico. 


1. Check surf conditions. Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is best suited for calm waters so always check surf conditions before you head out. Green and yellow flag conditions are best. Usually earlier in the day is better as the wind and surf often pick up in the afternoon.


2. Be sure you’re holding the paddle correctly. It sounds simple but we often see paddlers with the blade backward or do not have their hand on the T-grip. The blade should flair out vs. looking like a scoop to gain maximum resistance and force when paddling through the water.


3. Kneel first then stand. If you’re worried about getting into the standing position, take a knee. In fact, new boarders often stay on their knees while learning. When you’re ready to stand, simply get on all fours, keep your hands on the board while you step, and place your feet on the board. Stand up with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder length apart.

For more details, view our Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarding on YouTube

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Do you want more tips for stand up paddle boarding, Newman-Dailey Destin Real Estate Agent Shannyn Stevenson “knows the Gulf Coast” and as a long-time resident and avid paddle boarder, she offers some great tips for stand-up paddle boarding in Destin. Click here to read her recommendations.

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Published on Friday, July 31, 2020