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Ready to Sell Your Home in the Destin area? How to Make Your Home Inviting From the Outside In

One of our leading real estate agents Diane Green recently shared her tips for giving your home curb appeal and making it as inviting on the outside as inside the home. 

“I absolutely love where I live and wouldn’t ever consider moving away from the beaches of South Walton and Destin area. Many locals live off the water and rely on outdoor spaces to enhance their views. Conflicts between beachy vibes and outdoor oasis living can be tricky and following the trends in magazines can be costly and overwhelming.

My local life for the last 15 years has been in both condos and single-family homes. I love spending time outdoors at home. My outdoor living areas are an extension of indoor living and feature intimate seating areas and dining rooms. To add color and texture, my new go-to for outdoor spaces are container gardens that work well for all types of properties here at the beach.

I recently found an article in Better Homes and Garden’s April 2020 edition featuring container gardens. With a simple focal point in the center of the container, homeowners can simply add annuals based on the season. In Northwest Florida, our seasons are mostly mild and the garden can withstand varying temperatures from heat to cold. It may take some time to “dig” into finding the proper plants for the proper season but it will bring color and beauty outside the home.

Another great find is the App “PictureThis” - A botanist in your pocket. It’s free and has options to upgrade to premium services. It will instantly identify plants that are compatible with your climate zone and great tool on your hunt for annuals for your container garden that will brighten your outdoor room and its appeal.”

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Published on Tuesday, August 4, 2020