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Top 10 Destin Vacation Memories of 2020

As we reflect on 2020, we enjoy finding the silver lining on an otherwise tragic year. Through our “My Beach Memories Photo Contest” stories, we had the joy of sharing many special memories with our guests. We think that coming to the beach with your family and friends provides a much needed, safe escape to enjoy a change of scenery and to relax and reconnect.  The following are priceless stories of each family’s 2020 memories and unique blessings.

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#1) COVID Blessings

“My husband and I both work in the hospital and after months of intense stress and worry we decided not to cancel our vacation because we needed the break. We didn’t want to stay home but we wanted to stay safe. We decided on renting in Destin, we’re so glad we did. We spent hours on the beach, we took bike rides, boated, watched dolphins and parasailed! We tried to capture every moment but our boys and granddaughter were in a world of their own, they chose to live in the moment! If they weren’t on an adventure, digging in the sand or just relaxing on the beach, they were in the water. Our oldest son pictured, we thought he would never get in the water again after his near drowning. We were wrong. He entered the water slowly by the end of the trip he went all the way, it went well. This trip taught me, regardless of what life throws you my outlook on the situation will determine the outcome. Destin will now be a vacation spot for our family and we’re grateful for our accidental find.” – Angelica Taylor

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#2) First beach experience

“This was our little girl’s first beach experience and she LOVED it!!!”-Kayla Miller









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#3) That Feeling

“That feeling when you hit the beach in Destin!” –Jennifer Groce













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#4) Best Friends

“2 best friends make 1 heart” – Mark Tempelmeyer








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#5) Summer Fun

“We had so much fun on our trip to Destin! We loved staying with Newman/Dailey!! Can’t wait to go back next summer!” – Shannon Campbell








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#6) Jumping for Joy

“After 5 hours in the car, this girl couldn't wait to get her toes wet in the ocean! She ran straight to the water, kicking her flip flops off along the way. This sums up how much we all love Destin!” - Shannon Poteet









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#7) Birthday Wishes Come True

“Victoria’s first beach trip! For my birthday, I wanted a girls trip with my mom, grandmother, and my daughter for her first beach trip. This was our first night at Hidden Dunes! ❤️ The condo was beautiful and the beaches were perfect! I had a wonderful birthday trip and she had an amazing first beach trip!” – Krystle Gammon








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#8) Making Memories

“We hadn’t been on a vacation since our first child was born 5 years ago. We finally made it to the beach this summer with our now 3 children. They were all super excited and had a blast. This is our middle, Maddie, who was not quite 3, on her first excursion onto the sand and into the water. Even as the giant waves were crashing into her, she kept this huge smile on her face and giggled with pure delight at every wave! I always enjoy the beach, but this time was extra special because I got to experience my children’s joy as we made wonderful family memories!” – Diana Semmes






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#9) Flower Girl

“Precious flower girl in my daughter’s Santa Rosa Beach wedding!” - Melanie Myers








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#10)  Pizza with a view

“Great pizza with a great view, after a long day at the beautiful beach!”- Alex Pena










Create Family Memories & Blessings in 2021

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