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Coastal New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with open arms, this is a great time to start healthy habits for the New Year. We’ve all made resolutions in year’s past that don’t always come to fruition so this year, we’ve created a list of resolutions for your next Destin vacation that we think will bring you joy and jump start a healthier happier you.


Try Something New on Your Next Visit to Destin

If you are a foodie, it could be trying a new South Walton or Destin restaurant. Or if you love to cook, rent a vacation rental with a chef-ready kitchen and try a new recipe using fresh-caught Gulf seafood. If you tend to always visit the same places and participate in the same activities when you visit the area, set a goal to try one new activity. Have you been parasailing (as part of our Be Rewarded offers, guests of Newman-Dailey enjoy a free parasailing tour each day of their stay & Just Chute Me offers $5 off per adult), stand-up paddle boarding, fly boarding, or touring on an electric bike? Have you taken a tennis clinic at Hidden Dunes Beach & Tennis Resort or a golf lesson at Santa Rosa Beach Club? Consider making this the year to try something new during your Destin vacation.


Drink More Water

A lot of us don't drink the amount of water we need each day. During your beach vacation, it’s the perfect time to start new habits. When you’re at the beach it is easy to get dehydrated in the Florida sunshine so drinking water while you’re on the beach is important. Start by filling a reusable bottle of water in the morning and then make sure to refill and carry it with you throughout the day. Once you get in the habit of drinking more water at the beach, you’ll want to keep it going once you return home. We’ve found that once you start drinking more water, the hardest part is ensuring your water bottle is refilled. Add flavor to your resolution by trying some healthy add-ins like fresh lemon, lime, or cucumber. 

New Beginnings

Pick a Word/Theme for the Year

Find a word or a theme to direct your focus for the year is a great way to grow. Think of words like love, peace, joy, forgiveness, new beginnings or something specific to what you want to build up in your life.  Place the word in a variety of locations so that you’re constantly reminded of this intent. During your Destin vacation, walk the beach and concentrate on the word/theme. How are you doing on infusing this theme/thought in your life? Can you let go of other things to better adopt your new way of thinking and responding? Let go of unwanted thoughts and put them out to sea while adopting your new mentality. You'll be amazed at the end of the year how much you have grown.


Support Local Restaurants and Shops

Last year was an especially tough year for the restaurant industry, now it is more important than ever to support local businesses. Instead of shopping at a big box or chain retail store, purchase products from a local business. This year consider purchasing one-of-a-kind gifts from Destin boutiques to give to family and friends as gifts throughout the year. When it’s mealtime, select locally-owned restaurants, which also incorporate local produce and fresh Gulf-caught seafood. Then spread the word if you have a great experience, tell your family and friends. These owners rely on visitors in addition to the local community and appreciate your patronage and positive word of mouth/reviews.


Make a Beach Playlist

Improve your outlook and mood by adopting a beach state of mind. Resolve to make a beach playlist with all your favorite coastal tunes. From Jimmy Buffet to Zac Brown Band, build a playlist of all the great songs that make you think of the beach. Once you book your next Destin vacation, listen to your playlist and count down the days until you can listen from the beach! After your beach vacation, you’ll get to relive your vacation memories each time you listen to your playlist.

beach walk

Walk More

Improve your health by simply walking more. Many of us start the year tracking our steps but then lose interest after a month or two. We suggest working to form new habits. Do you usually take the elevator at work? Try taking the stairs. Do you normally drive to the mailbox? Put on your tennis shoes and start walking to get the mail. How do you spend your lunch hour? Consider walking the parking lot or find a nearby trail. Kick off your new routine by walking the beach each morning during your Destin vacation.


Love more, Complain less

This goes without saying but it’s always good to be reminded. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of venting about things that annoy us, but this only reinforces the negative. Next time you’re feeling frustrated, instead of complaining about the situation try giving a compliment or stating something good or positive instead. Even at the beach, it’s annoying when someone sits in front of you and blocks your view. See if you can view the situation from a different perspective… are they entertaining? Are they playing good music? Try to use the situation as an inspiration to go for a walk or go swimming or move to a better spot on the beach. We can’t control the situation but we can control how we react.


Spend More Time at the Beach

While we get through COVID-19 and seek safe places to travel, this year resolve to visit the beach more. Use the time you may have spent taking a cruise or a bucket list vacation to take an additional beach getaway this year. In addition, if you’re one of the many Americans now working from home, consider working from the beach. Select slower weeks when demand is low and secure great rates for weekly stays. The best part is you’ll enjoy the extra beach time in a safe setting in a private vacation rental. Click here for our enhanced sanitization and cleaning processes.

Start planning your next beach getaway. View Newman-Dailey’s collection of South Walton and Destin vacation rentals online or call one of our friendly vacation specialists at 1-800-225-7652. Remember to always book direct with Newman-Dailey for our best rate guarantee.

See you @ the beach!