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Newman-Dailey Partners with Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance for All Hands on Deck

The Newman-Dailey Resort Properties team recently joined forces with the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance (CBA) to help improve the ecology and water quality of Big Redfish Lake behind Sanctuary at Redfish Resort in Blue Mountain Beach. As one of the area’s 16 coastal dune lakes, Big Redfish Lake is important to the local ecology of the area by providing critical habitat to local species and recreational opportunities for visitors and residents.

Our team rolled up our sleeves and dug in to plant several different types of grasses on the bank at the north end of the lake. Alison McDowell of the CBA the types of grasses we'd be planting and how the CBA created the All Hands on Deck program engage community support for projects critical to the watershed. She shared that they every planting is a learning curve and they prefer to conduct more small projects to give the grasses time to establish themselves and see how they perform within each coastal environment. In fact, one of the grasses was a new species to this lake but usually performs well in brackish water.

Our team planted smooth cordgrass (which was grown by students at local schools through the Grasses in Classes program), and black needlerush, which were planted along the shoreline. We also planted sand cordgrass and Fakahatchee grass on the hillside overlooking the lake. These grasses will serve three purposes:

All hands on Deck

Prevent Erosion and Stabilize the Bank. 

By planting grasses along the lake’s shoreline, the CBA aims to prevent erosion around the lake and keep a natural barrier between development and nature.


Filter the Water.

The living shoreline will help filter debris and pollutants while also removing nutrients that contribute to algae growth creating a healthier lake.


Provide Habitat for Native Species. 

These shoreline plants will also provide a habitat for all types of wildlife, including many species of fish, frogs, snails, and crabs. While providing cover for fish and frogs, many native species of birds, including the blue heron, see the grasses as a natural buffet.


Experience Big Redfish Lake First Hand.

Want to experience this rare coastal dune lake first hand? Plan a stay at Sanctuary at Redfish on Scenic Hwy 30-A. With a variety of luxury vacation rentals to choose from in a naturally gorgeous setting overlooking Big Redfish Lake, it’s a dream beach vacation. Click here to check availability and start planning your getaway.

See you @ the beach!