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Gulfview Heights

Gulfview Heights

Location: 186 Gulfview Heights St Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Parking: Limited but close parking

Amenities: picnic tables, pavilions, bike racks, restroom, water fountain, benches, showers


The Gulfview Heights Beach Access is heavily equipped for anything you might need from a public beach. At the top of the access stairs you can find benches, bike racks and rinsing showers. Only steps away from that are two shelters and a public restroom. Between the two shelters there are seven picnic tables, making it a great place to escape the sun for a bite to eat. Behind all of these amenities is the parking area which is ADA accessible.


Before heading to the beach, know the surf conditions by taking note of the colored flag system.

Double red flags mean the water is closed for swimming due to powerful rip currents that can sweep even the strongest swimmers out to sea. Stay safe, check today’s conditions on our Beach Safety page.