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30A Pontoon Boat Rental

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Are you staying a vacation rental in Miramar Beach or along Highway 30-A or in Santa Rosa Beach or Miramar Beach? There is now a new option to get your group out on the water for a day of fun in the sun. Located at Cessna Landing off of Hwy 393 on the Choctawhatchee Bay, 30A Pontoon Boat Rental offers a convenient location to rent some of the coolest pontoon boats in the area.

Their boats are not ordinary but extraordinary. They are 150 hp tritoons and 150 hp double-decker tritoons with water slides. Most pontoon rental boats are 23 foot, 50 hp pontoons. These boats are 23-28 foot, 150 hp tritoons. The tritoons are significantly smoother, faster, and bigger. Now, instead of taking 1 hour or more to drive to Destin, adventure seekers can get to Crab Island in 45 minutes or less by boat. In fact, you can get to the boat fast by leaving the driving to the 30A Pontoon Shuttle. Van Shuttle Service is available for guests staying at 30A rentals between 7 am and 7 pm. Visit

30A Pontoon options: 

-8 Passenger, 23 foot, 150 hp tritoon

-12 passenger, 28 foot, 150 hp tritoon

-12 passenger, 28 foot, 150 hp double decker tritoon with water slide.

Other rentals include: tubes, yolo boards, 18 X 6 floating pads, and more

Guests of Newman-Dailey receive $10.00 off a pontoon boat rental. Must show proof of stay through Guest Portal.

Learn more and reserve your pontoon boat at 

Phone Number

(850) 220-6400