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Enchanting Picnic Co


Are you celebrating a special event such as a special birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal, bachelorette party, girlfriend get-together, romantic date, family time, or bridal shower? Any reason to celebrate is a reason to have an Enchanting Picnic.

Enchanting Picnic Co. will create a memorable and unique luxury picnic experience for 2 to 12 guests. The company can set up anywhere you are including the nearest beach or park, or at your vacation rental home’s backyard, balcony, or inside the home or condo. Enchanting Picnic company provides everything you and your guests need, except food. Guests can either prepare their own meal or snacks, or have it catered. Enchanting Picnic Co. has an incredible list of food vendors and would be happy to coordinate the food delivery so it’s at your picnic upon your arrival. Learn more at


As a Newman-Dailey guest, you can get 10% off any picnic experience. Fill out the "get a quote" form on the Enchanting Picnic website and include Newman-Dailey to receive the offer.

Phone Number

(850) 543-4585