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The Polished Chef (In-Home)

the polished chef

Chef Nathan Davis grew up in the small town of Bucksnort, TN. It was there that he rubbed shoulders with his grandmother not only in the kitchen, but in the garden as well. Learning the importance of attention to detail and maximizing every ingredient, he understood that this was a place where food was a way of life. He grew up in an area of Tennessee where the produce has several seasons and various uses, from lettuces for a fresh salad to canning tomatoes for sauce during the winter months. After mastering the family recipes and skills passed down from generation to generation, Nathan learned that creating a beautiful meal was always more meaningful when shared with family and dear friends. With this philosophy and passion instilled in his soul, it was no surprise that he quickly rose through the ranks in his restaurant career. Chef Nathan opened The Polished Chef to help others create those moments that will last a lifetime. Today he resides in Freeport, FL with his family and their black labs Oyster and Pearl.

Phone Number

(850) 693-9751